Wouldn't it be nice to cut down the time it takes to check eBay?


Important Notice - From April 30th 2008, versions older than Auction Sidebar Tool v2.8 are no longer supported and may stop working shortly after this date.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

eBay Sidebar Tool keeps you informed with your listings, whether bidding, watching or selling.

If you use eBay multiple times a per day to search, check your bidding list, watch list, feedback and messages then why not let the eBay Sidebar Tool do the leg work?

Features include:

  • At-a-glance bidding, watching and selling lists with color coded highlighting so you can see what you're winning or what's selling.
  • Instantly search 23 International eBay Sites including USA, UK, Australia and all European eBay websites.
  • Quickly review item details, pictures and description without having to visit eBay.
  • "Extras" window with quick links to your localized eBay Site for access to commonly used eBay pages and related sites (ie PayPal).
  • Popup notifications with optional sounds to tell you when you're outbid, when an item is ending or when a new message arrives.
  • Update notifications keep you up to date with plenty of new features being added all the time.
Intelligroup Ltd are a member of the eBay Developers Program.   the eBay Sidebar Tool is
a Certified eBay Application.
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See more information about included and coming soon features on our What's New page.
To download the gadget see the Download page.
Our Setup Guide page thoroughly explains how to make the Gadget work how you want it to.

Incase you're starting to get a little annoyed with the reading, here's a screenshot of the Gadget to keep you interested!

eBay Sidebar Tool in Basic Mode

This is an "actual size" image of what the gadget looks like in it's basic mode, this cute little eBay Gadget just sits on your Desktop or Sidebar all day long making eBay so much quicker and easier to use that you might just start using it more than you do already!

Seriously, imagine how much time it takes to double click on your default browser's icon, wait for it to load, type www dot eBay dot blah blah in the address bar, wait for eBay's website to load, then click My eBay or type your search and wait some more...

This probably takes up quite some time when you think about how often you do it.

With the eBay Sidebar Tool its just "Click", "Type" and "Search"!

Life isn't long enough to be waiting around for browsers and doing unnecessary typing!

If you use the eBay Sidebar Tool, please support us by adding our small advert to your eBay Listings. Just select, copy then paste the following text and image into the bottom of your eBay Listings.

Proud user of eBay Sidebar Tool

A mini eBay on your Vista Desktop

The picture and text above is what our small advert looks like when it's in your listings


A preview of the notification popup.

I think this page is starting to drag on a little now but there's so much more to show you, so much more to explain about this simple yet, advanced little tool.
But, best be moving on.

Click here to go to our What's New Page and cut out the time it takes to scroll back to the top.

And, if you've come this far but don't have Windows Vista, GET WINDOWS VISTA!


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