Version History & To Do List


Version 2.8

  • Pick from various advanced search options to narrow your search results.
  • See alerts you might have missed in the Alert History section accessible from the toolbar.
  • GUI improvement: Search button is now a split-button with a menu for opening advanced search options. Shortcut to this by pressing ctrl+down in the search box.
  • Place a bid or "Buy It Now" from the item flyout (see notes below).
  • Keyboard navigation for the setup wizard has been improved. You can tab between settings or press return to go to the next page.
  • The "Extras" section has been replaced by a toolbar (still under development). You can still access the extras section through the "Links" toolbar button.
  • Kind of techie this one. All running timers in the main gadget's code have been replaced with a single timer (= more reliable).
  • The red skin is now a permanent skin, selectable from the settings menu.
  • In the settings and setup wizard, the input box for the eBay User ID will now auto complete if you start typing in it.
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To Do

  • Allow reading My Messages without having to visit eBay.
  • Add more search options.
  • More skins and user designed skins.
  • and many more - we're not finished yet!

If use our Gadget please support us by adding our small animated logo to your eBay Listings.  You can do this by selecting the following text and image and copy/pasting into the bottom of your listings page.

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The picture and text above is what our small animated logo looks like when it's in your listings




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